Beyond Hoses & Helmets

BH&H Putting the Pieces Together

Presented by the Volunteer and Combination Officers Section.

The future of organizations staffed with volunteers or a combination of volunteers and career members is at a critical junction. Leaders will have to demonstrate to their communities the value of volunteers in the delivery of emergency services through a proactive approach to leading volunteers. Beyond Hoses & Helmets (BH&H) lays the ground work to prepare current and future leaders to lead and manage a fire department with creativity and innovation, as well as prepare them to address and face the unique challenges of leading a department staffed with volunteers, paid-on call and/or combination.

Leaders of volunteer and combination staffed departments from a cross section of the fire service designed BH&H with leaders in mind whether they are compensated or not. If you are currently a leader or desire to promote within a volunteer or combination staffed organization, you should attend and encourage your officers to attend.

BH&H is an interactive workshop presenting current successful techniques on retaining, recruiting, leading, marketing, building relationships and conflict resolution. The VCOS in cooperation with local fire department support can deliver this course in your region.

Attendees will receive a digital student manual and a certificate of attendance.

Upcoming BH&H Classes

Pierce logoSupport by Pierce Fire Apparatus allows VCOS instructors to present this course throughout the nation toward VCOS's mission to provide chief officers who manage volunteers within the fire/rescue delivery system with information, education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism and capabilities.