Surviving the Job

Surviving the Job seminar, presented by IAFC VCOS and NVFC

Surviving the Job is a seminar based on the Volunteer and Combination Officers Section's Yellow Ribbon Report on behavioral wellness and Lavender Ribbon Report on reducing occupational cancer risk.

This seminar can be tailored to your department or conference agenda. The seminar covers the signs and symptoms of behavioral changes in firefighters due to traumatic responses and/or day to day living. It also covers the 11 best practices to reduce occupational cancer in firefighters. The seminar discusses implementation steps for both a behavioral wellness and occupational cancer program.

Specific topics on behavioral wellness include:

  • Recognizing signs of traumatic injury to firefighters
  • What do I do as an officer?
  • How is the job effecting my behavioral wellness professionally and personally?
  • Peer support programs
  • Professional counseling

Reducing exposures to carcinogens will include:

  • Decon your PPE
  • Decon your apparatus
  • Personal decon after a hot zone exposure
  • Importance of annual physicals
  • Documentation of personal exposures

Additional topics may be included in the program depending on the length of presentation you select.

This seminar can be formatted into a keynote style address or a one-, two- or three-hour workshop format. Based on your needs, it can be separated into two presentations: one on behavioral wellness and a another on occupational cancer.

The cost for this seminar is determined at the time of request and the style and length of the program.