VCOS VISION image Emergency service organizations (ESOs) need proven recruitment methods including information and resources on how to ensure a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Volunteer-based ESOs that use fraternal selection processes and fail to adopt a modern business model for volunteer selection. Place the organization at risk for potential legal action related to discrimination and unfair hiring practices.

The mixture of differences and similarities each member brings to the workplace strengthens our ability to accomplish our mission. In addition to the operational skills usually targeted when recruiting, there is a need to attract new members who bring specialized, non-operational skills to the organization. This allows the organization to adapt to societal changes and improve its ability to compete for new members.

  • VCOS Best Practices Cancer Poster

Best Practices for Preventing Firefighter Cancer Poster

The poster provides specific actions to take to address the cancer epidemic and protect firefighters.

Blurring The Lines for a Realistic Fire Service

Tiered response program with different physical & training requirements based on individual participation levels.
  • IAFC Respect Zone branding

Bullying and Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit

A toolkit policies, tips and tools to help prevent bullying and violence in the workplace.
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Combining Monthly Meeting with Community Event Case Study

Effort blends recruitment, retention, community involvement, financial assistance (Bethel Acres Volunteer Fire Dept.)
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Coordinating With Local Businesses to Arrange Daily Leave for Emergency Calls

How Harmony Fire District has increased available volunteer firefighters during week day hours.
  • Resource

Cost Savings Calculator

A tool used to calculate the amount of money your department saves the community & resources provided for presenting to funding municipalities,
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Fillable Marketing Materials for Volunteer Recruitment

Customize these templates with your department info. Includes banners, posters, postcards and more.

Fire Chief Position Description

A Fire Chief job description template that departments can edit to meet needs and post when seeking a Chief.
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GIS Tapestry Report Sample

Sample GIS tapestry report developed by National VWS.
  • IAFC KnowledgeNet

IAFC KnowledgeNet

Discuss issues and solutions with other IAFC members online, share SOPs and other resources

IAFC Webinar: Taking Responsibility for a Positive Public Image

WebEx archive: Taking Responsibility for a Positive Public Image (56 minutes) Summary: This webinar discusses the growing need
  • Resource

IRS Fact Sheet: The Basics on Taxation and Fire Departments

This discussion addresses some of the common questions we receive from firefighters and their employing organizations.
  • Resource

Letter Template: Support FIRE-SAFER Appropriations

Use this template on your department letterhead to request Congress to support the fire/emergency service by reauthorizing AFG program funding.
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Partnering with Local Businesses for Recruitment (Pizza Delivery)

Recruitment effort aimed at local businesses
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Recruitment and Retention Efforts With Help From a Local Public Relations Firm

Recruitment and retention efforts with help from a local public relations firm
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Recruitment and Retention How-To Guides

Short how-to guides to assist with recruitment and retention activities.
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Recruitment Efforts Aimed at Women

Recruitment efforts aimed at women
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Recruitment Through Sponsorship of a Little League Team

Put your department’s name in front of the community members that have a strong sense of community.
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Recruitment Through Sponsorship of Community Athletic Fields

This positive partnership with the town’s baseball opening day ceremony, puts the fire department center stage.
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Revitalizing Recruitment Efforts Case Study

Evaluation & revitalization of recruitment efforts with help from local university (West Point Volunteer Fire Dept.)
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Social Media Toolkit

In-depth look into how to use and manage some of the most popular social-media sites.

The Total Cost of Fire in the United States

An NFPA report from 2014 written by John R. Hall, Jr. Page 28 discusses the value of donated time of volunteer firefighters.
  • VISION The VCOS International Strategic Initiative Online Network

VISION: The VCOS International Strategic Initiative Online Network

Resources that focus on specific areas of challenges relating to creating and sustaining viable emergency response programs

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment and Retention in Rural Pennsylvania

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Volunteer Workforce Solutions Resources

The VWS program focuses work on volunteer and combination systems’ recruitment and retention efforts
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What Fuels Your Fire? Radio Campaign Samples

Sample of National VWS What Fuels Your Fire Radio Advertisements.