Member & Leader Collaboration


Building a plan for effective communication in combination/volunteer departments

Member and Leadership Collaboration (MLC) helps departments leverage behavioral analysis to manage group dysfunction, such as:

  • Excessive grievances
  • Organizational conflict
  • Failing to establish consensus
  • Transition challenges
  • Lack of strategic planning
  • Company member conflicts
  • Volunteer and career conflicts
  • Roles that are not clearly identified

This is a facilitated, two-day workshop to create effective communication in your department and between firefighters, officers and chiefs through understanding DISC behavioral styles.

MLC begins with a comprehensive personality assessment designed for emergency-service organizations facing the challenges of service delivery in a combination or volunteer system. The workshop is organized to open lines of communication and focus members and leadership on their common goal - to provide the highest level of service.

Two experienced combination and volunteer chief officers facilitate this interactive program onsite. The workshop:

  • Helps key leadership and members understand the unique challenges facing their organization.
  • Guides participants to interpret their own behaviors and understand the causes of basic communication conflicts within the combination emergency-service organization.
  • Allows input from external and internal stakeholders through an in-depth analysis based on local and national trends and the organization’s needs.
  • Establishes organizational and personal goals that recognize and support the value of the organization’s volunteer, part-time and career components.

The MLC is administered over two days with two facilitators. Requesting agencies are required to pay a flat fee for the workshop, which includes all facilitator travel and custom behavioral-style reports for up to 10 key leadership personnel.


Peter J. Struble, CFO, CMO Paramedicine Coordinator, Fire Science & Professional Studies of the Department of Health Sciences

Scott Martus, North Haven (New York) Fire Department

William Stacy, West Haven (Connecticut) Fire Department

Mary-Ellen L. Harper, EFO,

Landon A. Churchill, NRP Carbondale (Colorado) Rural Fire Protection District

Randy Larson, Pagosa (Colorado) Fire Protection District

Jason Catrambone, Williston (North Dakota) Fire Department

Kevin J. Sehlmeyer, Michigan State Fire Marshal

Norvin Collins, San Juan Island (Washington) Fire District

Jim Cook, Leesburg (Virginia) Volunteer Fire Company