The William F. Jenaway Illness and Injury Prevention Award

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The William F. Jenaway Illness & Injury Prevention Award and the Retention & Recruitment Award are sponsored by VFIS. For both awards, VFIS pays the winner's travel and lodging expenses to attend the award ceremonies at the Symposium in the Sun in Clearwater Beach, Florida and VCOS will donate free registration to the award recipients.

The Illness & Injury Prevention Award recognizes success and excellence in developing and implementing an injury, illness, or vehicle safety prevention program. 2016 was the first year of this award.

Award Criteria: Your department must have developed and implemented an Injury, Illness or Vehicle Safety Prevention program and/or experienced a significant and verifiable reduction in incidents. Typical of programs that may qualify include: physical and physical fitness, wellness, cancer prevention, and vehicle safety. You do NOT need to be an IAFC-VCOS member to apply.>

Award Winners

2023: Plattsmouth (NE) Volunteer Fire Department

2021: Glendale (OH) Fire Department

2019: Henrietta (NY) Fire District

2018: Avon Volunteer (CT) Fire Department

2017: Staunton (IL) Fire Department

2016: IAFC's Safety Health & Survival Section

  • Chief Scott Kerwood and Chief Todd LeDuc accepted the award on behalf of the organization.