Chief 101

2 hours

A fire chief’s job is both on and off the fire ground; the administration and management role you play has a critical impact on your department’s performance.

This two-hour course is designed to help chief-level officers in volunteer departments effectively execute the roles and responsibilities of a leadership position. This course includes interactive segments like quizzes and videos on topics including:

  • Understanding and balancing your responsibilities
  • Supervising your team
  • Overseeing the department
  • Managing the budget

What others are saying about this course:

"I'm about to start my eleventh year as Chief. I took this course to see what I didn't know when I was appointed to serve as my hometown's fire chief. This is truly a course I wished was available eleven years ago. It hit on all the fundamental core practices we use as Chiefs. I applaud the group of people that developed this, very well done."

"I have many years as a Chief Officer in a volunteer department and took the course both to brush up as well as support my current responsibilities as a manager. The course did both. I strongly recommend this course. It is a very effective tool.  Thanks for providing the opportunity!"

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