Volunteer Administrative Leadership Series (VALS)

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In addition to being proficient at emergency response, volunteer/combination departments must understand how to effectively run their organization. Documentation, finance, recruiting and retaining members, and leading the administrative arm are extremely important.

VALS, the Volunteer Administrative Leadership Series, helps departments develop skills and knowledge in these areas. Online courses focus on four tracks:

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Records management
  • Finance
  • Leading through engagement 

To orient you to the course, students must take a 15 minute introduction.

Additionally, those who wish to expand their recruitment and retention skills can take a two-day, in-person course led by experienced instructors. Those who complete this course will receive a recruitment & retention coordinator certification. To learn if the in-person  course is being held near you or to find out how to bring it to your department, please contact Spencer Cheatham.