Rapid Intervention Team (Pierce Fire Rescue)


Fire departments are often engaged in emergency activities that present a varying degree of risk, depending on the incident. This guideline outlines a procedure that ensures the risks faced by our personnel are minimized through sound risk management practices and safety procedures. The objective is to have a fully equipped rescue team on scene and in a ready state to deploy for rescuing injured and trapped firefighters. This procedure shall be considered for all incidents where personnel are subject to hazards that would be potentially dangerous to life and/or health or subject to danger from equipment failure or sudden change of conditions. A Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) shall be established on all structure fires that have grown beyond the incipient stage, other incidents where personnel are subject to hazardous environments or when Incident Commander (IC) deems it necessary. "BEYOND THE INCIPIENT STAGE" IS ANY TIME THAT FIREFIGHTERS ARE ON AIR INSIDE THE STRUCTURE OR HAZARD ZONE.

The single objective of the RIT is to standby in a state of readiness, until launched on a rescue mission. The RIT function will continue until the Incident Commander determines that the RIT is no longer needed on the incident.