FLSA Manual (IAFF)

Contents include:

  • Partial overtime exemption under section 7(k)
  • Determining whether employees are engaged in fire protection activities
  • Exemptions from payment of the minimum wage and overtime to certain officers and to employees of small departments
  • Volunteers
  • The federal sector 
  • State employees and constitutional issues 
  • Compensable hours of work rules
  • Sleep and meal time regulations
  • Section 7(p)(3) substitutions
  • Section 7(p)(1) special detail work
  • Charitable activities
  • Calculating overtime pay
  • Premium rates
  • Bonuses, gifts, and employee benefit plans
  • Holiday, vacation and paid leave
  • Section 7(o) – compensatory time
  • Enforcement
  • Release of right to overtime compensation
  • Anti-discrimination/retaliation
  • Recordkeeping
  • Table of state overtime laws
  • IAFF FLSA policy

Source: IAFF 

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