FRI 2019 Highlights: VCOS Interview

Chief Charles Flynn and Chief Al Yancey, Jr. on IAFC TV during FRI 2019

VCOS and EFO Release New Report to Assist in First 100 Days as a Chief

New report lays out the key things a new or interim chief needs to know and be thinking about on the first day, during the first week, during the first month, and during months two through six.

National Diversity and Inclusion Program Departments Announced

This program focuses on improving volunteer recruitment and retention through more inclusive and diverse departments nationwide

VCOS & VFIS Retention and Recruitment Award Open

The award recognizes success and excellence in the retention and recruitment of emergency service members.

Can You Spot a Cry for Help?

We must acknowledge and seek to genuinely understand the ongoing emotional impact of our job—which we love—on our health and well-being. Read about a tool that can help.

Nominations Open for Chief Buckman Leadership Award

Nomination period for the Chief Buckman Leadership Award is open through August 16.

Chief James P. Seavey, Sr. Scholarship Accepting Applications through August 9

Scholarship to attend VCOS Symposium in the Sun seeks an individual who embodies the ideals of Chief Seavey.