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2024 Emerging Leader and Emerging Leader Alumni Scholarship Opportunity

The Emerging Leader Scholarship and Alumni Scholarship are sponsored by the Gasaway Consulting Group. The $1500 scholarship stipends are designed to provide an all- expenses paid opportunity for a future fire service leader to attend the Symposium in the Sun in Clearwater Beach, Florida hosted by the Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS). There are two scholarships awarded by the Gasaway Consulting Group.

Chief Richard B. Gasaway is extremely delighted to be able to provide an opportunity for a future fire service leader to attend the Symposium in the Sun. “VCOS has been very beneficial to my career,” says Chief Gasaway. “I have received many gifts from the Symposiums that I have attended over the years.”

Those who have attended his programs through the years know that Chief Gasaway is a big proponent of paying it forward, giving back and helping others. "This scholarship, along with mentoring and coaching, helps me fulfill my mission of building tomorrow’s leaders today,” Chief Gasaway says.

The Emerging Leader and Alumni scholarships provide funding for airfare, hotel, rental car, meals and conference registration. VCOS membership or IAFC membership is not required to apply.

The deadline to submit applications is August 15 at 4 PM ET. Email completed applications to Chief Richard B. Gasaway at rich@richgasaway.com.

Sponsored by Gasaway Consulting Group, LLC

Applicant Information
  • Name and Title
  • Home Address
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Preferred E-mail address
  • Date of Birth
  • Education Level
  • Associates degree (school)
  • Bachelor’s degree (school)
  • Master’s Degree (school)
  • Other
Department Information (please list information for ALL fire departments you currently serve on.)
  • Department Name
  • Department Address
  • Department Phone Number
  • Population served
  • Website (if your department has one)
  • List details of previous IAFC and/or VCOS Scholarships you have received in the past (including the year it was awarded).
    * Preference will be given to individuals who have not previously received an IAFC or VCOS scholarship. However, having received a scholarship in the past does not eliminate you from consideration.

Essay Question

How have you demonstrated yourself to be a problem solver and a leader of change within your department and within your community? (1,000 words or less)

Deadline: Candidates shall submit the completed application form by 4 PM ET, August 15, 2024. Applications to be emailed to Richard B. Gasaway at rich@richgasaway.com

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