Guide to the NFPA 1582 Annual Physical

NFPA1582 Physical Guide

Serious near-miss medical events and underlying health conditions continue to threaten the lives and livelihoods of America’s valued volunteers and employed emergency personnel. The NFPA 1582 program will help maintain a healthy workforce by helping to save the lives of our most important resource—you! We want all firefighters and EMS workers to have the most effective health screening available so that they are physically, mentally and emotionally able to continue serving our communities.

The purpose of the NFPA 1582 physical is to reduce the likelihood of suffering a preventable line-of-duty death—something that none of us can afford. It is available at no cost to you and provides a baseline health assessment to determine whether or not you are likely to incur a debilitating injury or medical event in the course of performing your duties as a first responder. NFPA physicals have identified potentially fatal underlying conditions, allowing personnel the opportunity to either seek treatment while continuing to work or return to doing what they love to do after treatment.