How to Utilize a GIS Tapestry Report


Data is one of the most important elements when it comes to marketing and recruitment. Knowing what works best for a specific audience allows a department to tailor marketing campaigns to best reflect the target audience and the community the department serves. Tapestry reports deliver community specific data that can assist a department to create recruitment materials and better understand the community it serves.

WHAT is a tapestry report? A tapestry report is an in-depth data report of the area a department serves. Additionally, a report can be pulled on a state or regional level. These reports provide a wealth of information about the characteristics of those currently in the department, as well as the community. Buying habits, favorite restaurants, popular TV shows, and many other data points can help those in charge of marketing to find the best message for the target audience to tailor marketing campaigns, recruitment materials and provide information that can be useful for training scenarios.

WHAT information is included in these reports? The reports provide population breakdowns for the areas selected. This information shows genders, ages groups, race and ethnicity, hobbies and even music preferences. There is more information, as well, related to income, occupational fields, and education level. The data allows a department to create an accurate description of a target recruitment audience. For example, if a target recruitment age for a volunteer department is ages 18-35, the report can break down what occupational fields those individuals work in, what kind of music they listen to, and what hobbies they may have.

HOW is this information useful? The information provided by the tapestry reports can be utilized to tailor marketing campaigns to appeal to target audiences. Knowing the hobbies of target groups can give insight on how to recruit and where. Knowing what radio stations are most popular is useful for radio campaigns, as well. Utilizing occupational information can help with recruiting operational and administrative members by marketing to all skill sets. The information gathered allows a department to mirror the community it serves. Many times, a department isn’t even aware that they are lacking in representation from large groups within the community.

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