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Guide for Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Department

The Guide for Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Department offers ways you can increase the levels of diversity, inclusiveness, and equity in eight specific areas of your department or organization. The guide is meant to be a usable, practical tool that can start discussions in your department or organization. It is a document that you can sit down with and work through using the worksheets and checklists provided in the appendix.

Within each section, the guide provides a brief description of the topic area, a list of some of the expected benefits of making your department or organization more diverse or inclusive, “before” and “after” scenarios to help you understand those benefits more clearly, and implementation tips. The appendix contains a checklist for each section as well as some additional tools. The resources section suggests other materials you might find useful in creating or refining some of the documents or processes addressed in the guide.

This document was created by the National Workforce Solutions FEMA SAFER grant and the Council for Future Volunteer Firefighters.

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The National Workforce Solutions is an initiative to assist combination and volunteer fire departments with the means to improve their ability to recruit, retain, and manage a diverse and inclusive workforce. The program has created and curated a variety of resources for combination and volunteer fire departments across the country. More about National WS

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