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Can One Day Make a Firefighter? Recruiting Women Into the Fire Service

June 19, 2019
This webinar explains strategies for recruiting women into the fire service.

IAFC Legislative Update

April 3, 2019 Online
This webinar will help fire chiefs prepare to meet with their Congressional members and educate them about the legislative priorities of the fire and emergency service.
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National VWS Diversity and Inclusion Program Overview

March 14, 2019 Online
This webinar explains IAFC’s National Volunteer Workforce Solutions (VWS) initiative to improve volunteer recruitment and retention by creating a more diverse and inclusive fire service.

Surviving the Job

February 6, 2019 Online
The purpose of this webinar is to provide real world advice and examples of how to implement change at your department.
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Succession Planning: Are You Ready to Move On?

July 23, 2018 Online
This course will offer insight into the importance of proper succession planning as well as steps to create a successful plan for your department.
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Best Practices for Preventing Firefighter Cancer: 6-11

May 30, 2018 Online
Today, the science is there and we all know as a fact what cancer is doing to and in the fire and emergency service family. This is our call to action, and there's no time more important than now to take personal responsibility to act.
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Best Practices for Preventing Firefighter Cancer: 1-5

March 21, 2018 Online
In this first of two webinars, VCOS & NVFC presenters outlined five of the eleven best practices for preventing firefighter cancer.
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Public Outreach in the Volunteer Fire Service: Educating the Community You Serve

December 14, 2017 Online
Learning unique ways to host public outreach events, that can also serve a recruitment opportunities, will strengthen community ties and membership.
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Fire, Rescue and EMS 10 Cancer Commandments

December 7, 2017 Online
This webinar introduced the concepts behind the ribbon report and the need for each of us to take personal responsibility to limit exposure to carcinogens that we encounter on a daily basis.
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Recognition in the Volunteer Fire Service: Thank You Goes a Long Way

October 19, 2017 Online
Understanding and recognizing members leads to a more motivated, connected and loyal membership.
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Using Facebook for Recruitment and Retention

September 28, 2017 Online
This webinar provided attendees successful techniques and easy-to-implement tips to help their volunteer or combination department use Facebook to recruit new and retain current members.
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Fundraising for Volunteer Fire Departments

August 3, 2017 Online
This webinar advised viewers on the importance of fundraising and how to collect the most profit for the smallest amount of out of pocket expense.
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Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

June 28, 2017 Online
This webinar provided an opportunity to learn about the how to develop a recruitment process that can be useful at the local levels.
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Brain Wellness for the First Responder and the Yellow Ribbon Report

May 30, 2017 Online
This webinar, in partnership with TargetSolutions, will provide information and insight regarding the impact of the first responder career on our brains.
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Tennesse Fire Chiefs Association Volunteer Workforce Solutions Orientation Webinar

May 10, 2017 Online
The Tennessee Fire Chiefs Association (TFCA) selected 19 departments to participate in phase I of the Volunteer Workforce Solutions (VWS) program.
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TN VWS Program and Application Process: Informational Overview

February 17, 2017 Online
This was an informational webinar about the VWS program and the application/selection process
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TN VWS Program and Application Process: Informational Overview

February 17, 2017 Online
This was an informational webinar about the VWS program and the application/selection process
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Documentation for Fire and EMS Providers

February 16, 2017 Online
This webinar reviewed best practices for documentation and discussed the most contemporary method of documentation; utilizing electronic or paper medical records or other electronic recording devices.
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A Digital Toolkit to Help Your Department's "Do More with Less" Dilemma

November 22, 2016 Online
Webinar: Tips for starting out in social media or using it to boost recruitment, including low-cost tools to help build success.
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Progressive Discipline for Volunteer Fire Departments

September 21, 2016 Online
This webinar discusses discipline as a process to correct behavior and preserve relationships and provides departments with tools and information to take proactive action.

Understanding Culture in Fire and Emergency Services Organizations

August 30, 2016 Online
This webinar will define fire service culture from the viewpoint of social scientists. The presenter will discuss the levels of culture and provide examples of how culture is derived, manifested and recognized based on organizational beliefs.

Recruiting Your Replacement

June 22, 2016 Online
This presentation provides volunteer and combination departments with an understanding of the factors that cause staffing issues and provides examples of successful and unsuccessful strategies.

What Fire Chiefs Need to Know About FLSA Compliance

May 26, 2016 Online
An overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act using the IAFC/VCOS FLSA Guide to clarify the rules for volunteers and career first responders.

Critical Questions Every Fire/EMS Chief Should Ask Their City/County Managers!

April 28, 2016 Online
Serving your community means understanding what it needs and asking the right questions of political and community leaders. This webinar will allow you to understand what questions to ask, and how to shape your agencies needs to successfully navigate the economic and political landscape.

Step Up and Stand Out Webinar

March 29, 2016 Online
This webinar will introduce you to the Step Up and Stand Out program, a national campaign to increase awareness of the need for volunteer firefighters. Learn how you can nominate a volunteer for an award and how you can hold an open house or community event to spread the word about the benefits of becoming a volunteer firefighter.

Beyond Operations: The Chief's Role in Reducing the Impact of Fire

March 24, 2016 Online
This program is designed to give fire chiefs and command staff tools to aid in planning, leading and ensuring your fire organization is meeting its most critical role in reducing fires in their communities. This program dives into practices and challenges thoughts on implementation and motivation of staff.

National Volunteer Pilot Q & A

March 7, 2016 Online
This is an information session in regards to the VWS National Volunteer Recruitment Campaign seeking departments for a pilot program. There will be an overview of the National Program, expectation of the Pilots and a Q&A session.

The Affordable Care Act, The Train Coming Down the Tracks

January 28, 2016 Online
Are you ready for the implications the Affordable Care Act will have on how your department handles EMS?

Effective Deployment Models for Volunteer and Combination Departments

September 25, 2015 Online
This webinar provides guidance on managing resources in volunteer and combination departments. This can be challenging when the number of available-to-respond volunteers and resources consistently fluctuates; leaders are faced with building crews as volunteers arrive on scene.

From the Xbox to the Box Alarm: Engaging Today's Firefighters

June 24, 2015 Online
This webinar focuses on ways to motivate recruits and explores true characteristics from the perspective of representing an untapped powerhouse of potential for any organization willing and able to make the right investments in them.

The Company Officer as the Training Officer of their Crew

January 2, 2015 Online
This webinar will expose the company officer to numerous resources available to them, to ensure their personnel are trained to the best of their ability. At the end of the day, if a firefighter is injured or killed, there is a good chance that a contributing factor may have been the lack of a quality training program at either the department level or the company level.

RSG Lessons Learned: Successful Outreach and Connections

December 11, 2014 Online
This webinar provides tips from fellow RSG members on their volunteer departments’ successful engagement with their fire-adapted communities. RSG staff will also introduce new and updated resources.

Communicating Your Passion

September 11, 2014 Online
Webinar: Tips for sharing your passion as a volunteer in ways that help others imagine themselves volunteering at their local department.

Motivating Millenials

July 17, 2014 Online
This webinar's focus is on motivating the younger generation. Millennials are smart, energetic and driven when led with techniques that work for them, not just what’s worked for previous generations. This program presents emergency service leaders with the tools to leverage the strengths of the Millennial employee for the good of the organization and to integrate Millennials into the existing workforce.

Implementing a Successful Training Program for Today's Fire Service

June 18, 2014 Online
This webinar discusses two important aspects of training – establishing successful Junior Firefighter Programs to help instill strong safety attitudes early, and the importance of using programs like Near Miss within curriculum for more realistic and comprehensive training that focuses on the department's mission.

Eliminating LODDs in Fire Service Training

June 16, 2014 Online
This webinar takes a close look at how to keep firefighters safe during training drills – specifically, eliminating line-of-duty deaths altogether. Specific case studies will be examined, including a recent incident with the Baltimore City Fire Department.

Protecting Volunteer Departments from the PPACA

February 13, 2014 Online
Webinar: Developments of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in relation to volunteer fire departments.