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Communications Committee

The IAFC Communications Committee focuses on wireless communications issues that impact the U.S. fire service and public safety.

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Tech Council

The IAFC's Technology Council is a forum for information and knowledge exchange among fire chiefs, public safety organizations and vendors.

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Communications & Technology Events
Join us as we give you an appetizer to the Technology Summit International (TSI)
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Fire officer using a laptop in apparatus

The IAFC communications and technology topic area includes information and resources to ensure fire departments have the communications systems they need and are harnessing the explosion of technology-based efforts and solutions to do their job safely and effectively:

  • Frequency Coordination
  • GIS
  • Interoperability
  • Narrowbanding
  • Public Safety Broadband Network
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

New Tools in the Fire Service

IAFC TV interview Tommy Hicks, the IAFC Assistant Executive Director, to discuss many of the changes that have been occurring in Programs and Technology over the last couple of years and to chat about how IAFC and ESRI are offering a new tool for the fire service community.