The IAFC is pleased to announce its partnership with Matrix Group Publishing, Inc. to produce a new, full-color, glossy-stock publication for nearly 12,000 members. iCHIEFS, the Official Magazine of the IAFC, replaces IAFC On Scene as the official print publication of the IAFC. The new publication is mailed to all IAFC members. It is also available at special IAFC events such as Fire-Rescue International, the largest annual gathering of fire and emergency service leaders anywhere.

The publication reaches the desks of the major decision-makers in thousands of career, combination, and volunteer fire departments across North America and internationally. IAFC members are the world's experts in firefighting, EMS, terrorism response, hazmat response, wildland fire suppression, natural disasters, search and rescue, and public safety industries. This publication is a crucial carrier of their knowledge, experience, and insight into the fire and emergency service's many challenges.

The success of this publication depends to a great extent on the quality and consistency of its advertisers. It is through advertising investment that we can publish this communication vehicle driven by industry demand.



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The publication’s targeted distribution reaches the desks of the major decision-making powers who have the purchasing authority throughout the multi-million dollar fire service industry in North America and internationally.

The IAFC consists of nearly 12,000 members. The majority are located within North America with nearly 200 members from 30 other countries worldwide.

Please contact your sales representative, call our toll-free line and ask for the sales manager (866-999-1299) or sales@matrixgroupinc.net.

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iCHIEFS News is the IAFC's new digital newsletter. It replaces On Scene, which was retired in August 2019.

The new newsletter is distributed 24 times each year, generally every other week, to all IAFC members, partners and friends. It features thought leadership content from IAFC subject-matter experts and experts from across the fire and emergency service. In addition, iCHIEFS News brings readers top industry news from sources you trust, such as FireRescue1.com, the Daily Dispatch, and NFPA and FEMA blogs.

The new iCHIEFS digital is powered by artificial intelligence, which will allow for us to curate personalized content for readers through time.

For information on advertising, contact: Association Revenue Partners (ARP) or by calling 214-396-6780.

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