Constitution, Bylaws & Resolutions

The Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions (CBR) Committee is a permanent committee of the IAFC. It consists of one representative from each IAFC division and three at-large members appointed by the president and chairman of the board. The committee initiates and/or reviews proposed changes to the IAFC Constitution and Bylaws and reports on the changes to the IAFC Board of Directors and to the IAFC membership.

The committee also receives and reviews all resolutions submitted by the membership and makes a recommendation on each resolution in a report to the membership. The committee then submits resolutions to the general membership for a vote at the general business meeting, held at Fire-Rescue International.

The IAFC Constitution & Bylaws is a living document that governs the activities of the association. It is reviewed annually by the CBR Committee. Members requesting changes to the IAFC Constitution & Bylaws must submit their proposal in writing to the CEO/executive director of the association by February 1 in a form prescribed by the CBR Committee.

Download the IAFC Constitution & Bylaws

Download the IAFC Policy Manual (pdf, 4 mb)

2017 Key Dates

February 1: Deadline to submit proposed amendments to the IAFC Constitution and Bylaws (CBL) and division/section bylaws (5 PM ET). 

March 11: Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee meeting, Fairfax, Virginia. 

July 1: Deadline to submit non-CBL amendment matters to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee for consideration during  the committee's FRI 2017 meeting.  

July 26: Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee meeting, FRI 2017, Charlotte, North Carolina. 

July 27: IAFC Business Meeting, FRI 2017, Charlotte, North Carolina (11 AM ET). 


IAFC 2016 Resolutions

  1. Rules of Engagement for Firefighters (pdf)
  2. Cancer Presumption Legislation (pdf)

IAFC 2015 Resolutions

  1. Protecting Access to 911 (pdf)

IAFC 2014 Resolutions

  1. Telephone Service (pdf)

NOTE: Resolutions expire three years after membership approval. 


IAFC Policy Manual

As per the IAFC Constitution and Bylaws (Bylaws Section I. General, Subsection 7), the Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by designation of articles, sections and/or subsections as a policy or procedure to be published in a “Policies and Procedures Manual,” (pdf) maintained by the Board of Directors, endorsed by the Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee and made electronically accessible to all members, provided that changes in such policies and procedures shall be published both as they occur and in a manner that provides for member review of all such changes prior to the annual conference.



Battalion Chief Lorrie Kalos
San Francisco Fire Department 

Staff Liaison
Jim Philipps