IAFC Frequency Coordination

To provide FCC frequency coordination services, the IAFC has joined forces with the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) and the and the Forestry Conservation Communications Association (FCCA) to form the Public Safety Communications Associates, also known as the IAFC/IMSA. The IAFC/IMSA can provide the most rapid and cost-effective frequency-coordination services for the entire public-safety community.

Why should fire and EMS agencies use IAFC/IMSA instead of other frequency coordinators?
The cost is less because IAFC and IMSA are the primary coordinators for fire and EMS channels. If your department is coordinating fire and EMS channels and you use a different coordinator you will pay additional interservice fees.

When you use IAFC/IMSA frequency coordination services you also support IAFC, whose funds go back into programs to support the fire and emergency service.

We provide frequency coordination services for the following public safety frequencies:

  • 30-50 MHz
  • 150-173 MHz
  • 72-76 MHz (Call box)
  • 450-470 MHz
  • 470-512 MHz
  • 700 MHz
  • 800 MHz
  • Nextel Give-Back Channels

We process applications in the order of receipt on a non-discriminatory basis. You do not have to be a member of IAFC to use our frequency coordination services.

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