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  • Learn about the RSG! Program's Red Flag Warning Resource and the smart practices you can implement ahead of and during a Red Flag Warning.
  • Hosted by Cassi L. Fields, PhD., vice president of ESCI Human Capital Division, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, discussed victims, bystanders and leadership's role in creating an environment free of harassment and common on-the-job occurrences and how to best handle them.
  • This webinar explains strategies for recruiting women into the fire service.
  • The webinar session is designed to inspire discussion and planning regarding preventive cancer measures. The acronym W-E-L-L is the webinar instructors' ideology of compressing the 11 best practices city in the Lavender Ribbon report, into a four-letter acronym, to help promote best practice and healthy approaches to firefighter safety.
  • Dr. Fields discussed, Inclusive Leadership, on a marco and micro level. On the macro level, she will address how a Fire-Rescue department moves to an inclusive organization. In the micro-level, she talks about individual members and how to ensure they are included in career development and promotion throughout the ranks
  • This webinar will help fire chiefs prepare to meet with their Congressional members and educate them about the legislative priorities of the fire and emergency service.



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