National Mutual Aid System

IAFC's National Mutual Aid System – Request. Locate. Deploy.

The National Mutual Aid System (NMAS) will take mutual aid to the next level, creating a system where all users can access cutting-edge technology to request, geospatially locate and strategically deploy response resources.

NMAS is the evolution of the Intrastate Mutual Aid System (IMAS, 2006-2011) and Mutual Aid Net (2012 to date). It leverages the technical innovation and expertise of WebEOC and Esri, combined with the practical experience of the IAFC and our state and local partners and subject matter experts.

NMAS will provide:

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Unparalleled information sharing, decision support and situational awareness capabilities to jurisdictions, regions and countries around the globe.

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The ability to visualize where resources are, where they need to go and response times for real-time decision making and action.

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Real-time, two-way data exchange between system administrators and responders in transit and at incidents.


NMAS symbolSystem demo at the IAFC’s Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) conference

NMAS symbolBeta test in four states: California, Florida, Tennessee and Utah

NMAS symbolGo-live: Following the beta phase, phased implementation will begin with interested state and local partners


NMAS is a partnership launched in 2017 between the IAFC, representing the leadership of firefighters and emergency responders worldwide, WebEOC, a leader in crisis management and emergency management software, and Esri, a global leader in spatial analytics.

IAFC's National Mutual Aid System, Supporting the Response to Major Incidents

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