International Fellowship Program (IFP)

IAFC International Fellowship Program patchAs part of the International Fellowship Program, international firefighters are placed in leading U.S. fire departments for six months to learn best practices and internalize the U.S. fire service culture.

Through this program, the IAFC is building a community of U.S. fire departments that believe in the continuous improvement of the fire service across cultures. This unique partnership was born out of like-minded leaders getting together to address the growing challenges of the fire service.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set ambitious goals for Saudi Aramco that mirror the broader political and economic reforms being enacted. By 2030, Saudi Aramco intends to be “the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company facilitating the sustainable and diversified expansion of the Kingdom’s economy and enabling a globally competitive and vibrant Saudi energy sector.” For the Saudi Aramco Fire Protection Department (SAFrPD), this entails diversification of risk and a need to continue challenging its personnel and grow new leaders who can champion the company’s - and the kingdom’s – reform goals. Given Saudi Aramco’s company-wide commitment to workplace safety and fire prevention, the SAFrPD firefighters get few opportunities to hone their skills in live emergency scenes. Saudi Aramco approached the IAFC to develop a means to challenge the up-and-coming leaders within SAFrPD.

Participating Host Departments

  • City of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (CA)
  • Oklahoma City Fire Department (OK) 
  • Rogers Fire Department (AR)
  • Prince George’s County Fire/EMS (MD)
  • Dekalb County Fire Rescue (GA)
  • Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (FL)
  • Columbus Division of Fire (OH)
  • Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District (CA)
  • Greater Naples Fire District (FL)
  • Myrtle Beach Fire Department (SC)
  • Atlanta Fire & Rescue Department (GA)

Sacramento IAFC Fellowship Program - Cohort 10

Miami Dade Saudi Aramco & IAFC International Fellowship Program With Miami Dade County

Oklahoma IAFC International Fellowship Program - Saudi Aramco | Oklahoma City (July 2017)


Interested in becoming a host department? Contact, program manager, John Morris, to get the process started.

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