Executive Fire Officers

The EFO Section provides value to ALL IAFC members considering executive development. The recognition of and need for executive development is NOT limited to National Fire Academy EFO graduates. The EFO Section identifies and promotes best practices for succession planning and executive officer education. Are you a chief officer? Do you want to be a chief officer? If so, the IAFC EFO Section is intended for you!

EFO Elections

The EFO elections, in conjunction with the IAFC elections, will be opening May 8. Every IAFC member will receive an email with directions on how to vote and a link to do so. This year, the EFO Section is electing a director for the Great Lakes and Western Divisions as well as determining whether to change the bylaws. Learn more about your candidates.

Great Lakes Director Candidates:

Western Director Candidates:

Amendments to section bylaws submitted by the Executive Fire Officers Section board were approved by the IAFC Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee and the IAFC Board of Directors. The changes include:  

  • adding an “at-large” member to the section board
  • removing “or retired chief officer” from the officer qualifications provision
  • adding a provision that to be eligible to run for section chair a member must have served at least one year on the section board
  • clarifying the section election process to comply with IAFC policies and procedures
  • clarifying the terms of executive committee members
  • clarifying how an International Director, if applicable, is selected. 

Be prepared to vote yes or no by clicking here to review the tracked changes to the bylaws. 

2019 EFO Symposium

The 2019 EFO Symposium was held April 26-28 and the event was a true success. A strong mix of fun, networking, and education formed to yield a memorable event. 


2019 Symposium - Fun
2018 Manno Award WInners
2019 Symposium - Vaneschoot and Rizzi
2019 Symposium - Sara Jahnke
2019 Symposium - Dr. Leonard Wong
2019 Symposium - Diversity Panel - Bryan Hill, Laurie Vanderschoot, John Butler
2019 Symposium - Chief Mike OBrian
2019 Symposium - Chief David Emmanuel


EFO Strategic Plan Approved

The IAFC Board of Directors approved the EFO Section's Strategic Plan. Take a look at what it entails and see how you can get involved to make it come to fruition.

2018-2020 EFOS Strategic Plan


Latest from the EFO Section

  • May 10, 2019
    As we approach the start of the 2019 Hurricane season, there is a new tool to help responders request assistance – the National Mutual Aid System. read more
  • May 1, 2019
    How do new chiefs prepare for what happens after they're appointed? Like new parents, do they ask themselves, “Am I ready? Am I the right person for the job?” Remember, you are not alone. read more
  • March 12, 2019
    For a program to remain relevant for decades, it must evolve. The EFOP is currently undergoing one of its most significant evolutions since its creation. read more
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EFOP Graduates

EFOP Students

Please use this online form to send your applied research project survey request. Questions? EFO@iafc.org

Contact Us

Spencer Cheatham
EFO Section Staff Liaison

The Executive Fire Officers (EFO) Section exists for: "Identifying, producing, and encouraging industry-wide and governmental acceptance of executive fire officer development programs, certifications, and standards.

If you're interested in joining the EFO section:

  • IAFC members: Call the IAFC member services toll free at 866-385-9110 (You can be invoiced or pay over the phone with a credit card)
  • Non-IAFC membersJoin the IAFC and add the EFO section to your membership package.

Section dues are $25 annually.

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