Executive Fire Officers

The EFO Section provides value to ALL IAFC members considering executive development. The recognition of and need for executive development is NOT limited to National Fire Academy EFO graduates. The EFO Section identifies and promotes best practices for succession planning and executive officer education. Are you a chief officer? Do you want to be a chief officer? If so, the IAFC EFO Section is intended for you!


You're the Fire Chief; Now What? Guidance for New and Interim Fire Chiefs

This document was developed by the Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS) of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), in partnership with the Executive Fire Officers (EFO) Section of the IAFC, to provide guidance for a new or interim chief’s first 100 days. This new report lays out the key things a new or interim chief needs to know and be thinking about on the first day, during the first week, during the first month, and during months two through six. It also provides advice and warnings for a new or interim chief to help them avoid common mistakes.

VCOS and EFO strongly encourage you to download and add this crucial guidance to your toolkit and the toolkits of the future leaders of your organization.



EFO Election Results

The EFO Section election ended on June 7, and 399 section members voted. Thanks to all the candidates and everyone who participated in the election. The results, pending final approval by the IAFC Board at FRI, were:

• Great Lakes Division Representative: Chief Joe Pulvermacher
• Western Division Representative: Chief Bruce Kroon
• Bylaw changes: Passed


EFO Strategic Plan Approved

The IAFC Board of Directors approved the EFO Section's Strategic Plan. Take a look at what it entails and see how you can get involved to make it come to fruition.

2018-2020 EFOS Strategic Plan



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EFOP Graduates

  • Order EFO-EFOP graduate diploma, department graduate plaques and framed code of ethics
  • Order EFO apparel. You must be an NFA-EFO Program graduate to do so.
  • If you are an EFO graduate and a member of the EFO Section who would like an EFO uniform pin, please send an email to efo@iafc.org.
  • The EFO Section is currrently in the process of developing a new challenge coin for NFA-EFO Program graduates. If you are interested in purchasing one when they become available, please send an email to efo@iafc.org.

EFOP Students

Please use this online form to send your applied research project survey request. Questions? EFO@iafc.org

Contact Us

Spencer Cheatham
EFO Section Staff Liaison

The Executive Fire Officers (EFO) Section exists for: "Identifying, producing, and encouraging industry-wide and governmental acceptance of executive fire officer development programs, certifications, and standards.

If you're interested in joining the EFO section:

  • IAFC members: Call the IAFC member services toll free at 866-385-9110 (You can be invoiced or pay over the phone with a credit card)
  • Non-IAFC membersJoin the IAFC and add the EFO section to your membership package.

Section dues are $25 annually.

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