Technology Council

The IAFC's Technology Council serves as a knowledge center for technological developments that affect the fire service. The council provides a forum for information and knowledge exchange among different stakeholders, including fire chiefs, public safety organizations and vendors.

Vision: To advance the fire/rescue/EMS services and allied agencies to be on the leading edge of technological adaptation.

Mission: To promote an environment that encourages and supports innovation to drive the adoption, adaptation and/or acceptance of technological solutions within a standards-based, interoperable framework.

Briefings Presented to the IAFC Tech Council

Laser Measurement Equipment That Anyone Can Learn to Master

Spike AppSpike is an award-winning compact laser beam measurement device that makes it simple for anyone to get correct and comprehensive measurements in imperial or metric units. It connects to the cloud using cellular data or a Wi-fi connection. Photos upload directly to a secure account where you can access them via web browser. All you need to do is snap a few quick photographs — and the Spike app does the rest

OtterBoxAlso presenting with Spike is OtterBox who is working on incorporation of Technologies like Spike into their cases.


Real Time Networks

Improve team productivity, reduce administrative costs, and make sure your most important assets are secure with robust tracking, management, and monitoring solutions from Real Time Networks.

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Dejero: Staying connected to mission-critical communications.

When disasters and emergencies occur, communication is critical to the response. Dejero solutions work seamlessly with your current technology to bring real-time, tactical video and reliable mission-critical communications to the frontlines. In partnership with the International Association of Fire Chiefs Technology Council’s monthly webinar series, Jehan Karim will discuss how Dejero can help your department resolve network issues like network outages, coverage gaps and congestion — when every second counts.

Chemical Emergency Response E-Service by VLAHI (CERES)

You might be asked to register for this webinar viewing, but it will be at no cost to you.

CERES is a software as a service application used for preparing, responding, and analyzing chemical incidents, fire incidents and explosions.

CERES FREE gives you full features access to ALOHA  chemical dispersion model jointly developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office (CEPPO), and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Response and Restoration (NOAA) of the US Government. CERES base will always be free and runs on your desktop, mobile device or tablet.

100 Feet

When every minute counts, inaccurate or incomplete geospatial data is unacceptable. That’s why we take emergency personnel within 10 feet of their destination. Quickly locate obscure addresses, like apartment units or college dorms, through a series of coherent waypoints. Pins reveal entrances, private roads, entryways, elevators, stairs, unit numbers, Knox Boxes, hydrant locations, shutoff valves, and other crucial points of interest

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CalTech - GALCIT 

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The history of GALCIT (Graduate Aerospace Laboratories of the California Institute of Technology) is the origin-story of aerospace research. We welcome you to explore our department and how our current community is contributing to our legendary past.


You might be asked to register for this webinar viewing, but it will be at no cost to you.

FDSS was created in the Pacific Northwest by Nick Landry, a retired chief of training, and Ryan Oswald, an experienced film producer who joined forces with one goal in mind - to create the highest quality fire training simulations possible for the most amount of people everywhere. That has been more than just a mission statement, it has become the cornerstone of everything we do and a guiding principle we live by every day.

3 AM Innovations

You might be asked to register for this webinar viewing, but it will be at no cost to you.

Once the clock starts ticking - you have mere minutes to assess, plan, assign, and oversee your crew while they risk their lives to save others. It's loud, it's intense, and it's unpredictable. Firefighters often believe that they signed up to sacrifice their bodies for the safety of their communities. Emergencies are chaotic, and managing safety requires command to promptly find signals within the noise.

What if software could help you ensure people are where they're needed be, they're heard when they're in trouble, and they get help when they need it? FLORIAN is that software, and it was made specifically for you.

CompanySix and Wireless Innovation (HyphraMESH) 

Company Six, a Colorado-based company has unveiled its first product this week — a one-pound, remote-controlled robot mounted with a camera and sensors to give an extra set of eyes and ears to people with dangerous jobs.

Wireless Innovations HyphaMesh - HyphaMESH solutions offer an IP transparent network, based on the COFDM waveform, that can operate independently or integrate back to a central core or wider network.

Evac Management Platform




Emerging Digital Concepts from NG CAD X EDC.
The future of Microsoft's technology and the fire service.

More from the Tech Council and Industry Leaders




The IAFC works with the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation to further the knowledge, skills, and resources to apply decision-support technology and data in enhancing preparedness and building a more resilient nation.

White Papers

Anthrax Vaccination
Information Paper on Anthrax Vaccination Technology (pdf), the Biothrax vaccine.

A SMART Model for Interoperable Communications (pdf), the Satellite Mutual Aid Radio Talkgroup Program (SMARTTM)

Crisis Decision Making
Information Paper on Crisis Decision Making Technology (pdf)

Fire Suppression
Next Generation Water Enhancer for Fire Protection and Suppression in Wildland and Structural Applications (pdf)

How to Participate

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Complete the IAFC Tech Council form to indicate your areas of expertise and interest as they relate to the work of the council. When an opportunity for involvement arises that matches your interest, we'll contact you.

If you're a vendor and are interested in learning more about the council, please email

Leadership & Contact

Chair: Dan Munsey

Co-Chair: Tim Burke

Staff Liaison:
Jeff Dulin

Smart Firefighting

The IAFC Technology Council has partnered with Smart Firefighting to record a podcast on the use and development of technologies for the fire service. Smart Firefighting has interviewed industry leaders, including members of the IAFC Technology Council and other IAFC subject matter experts, to create a library of intriguing stories of the use and development of technology.

Each Month Smart Firefighting adds new and relevant content to the page, so come back and visit us here for your technology needs.

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