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The IAFC's Technology Council serves as a knowledge center for technological developments that affect the fire service. The council provides a forum for information and knowledge exchange among different stakeholders, including fire chiefs, public safety organizations and vendors.

Vision: To advance the fire/rescue/EMS services and allied agencies to be on the leading edge of technological adaptation. For more information: Technology Council Restructure (pdf)

Mission: To promote an environment that encourages and supports innovation to drive the adoption, adaptation and/or acceptance of technological solutions within a standards-based, interoperable framework.

Briefings Presented to the IAFC Tech Council

Real-time Information Critical for Firefighters to Make Quick and Effective Decisions

OpsCentral aggregates data from a range of existing static and dynamic sources, IoT sensors, surveillance cameras, manuals, drones and smart city technology to provide real time information on the following: Weather Conditions, Victim Medical History,  Evacuation Zones, Building Occupancy, Utilities, Construction Materials and Floor Plans, Community Notifications, Locations of Hydrants, Hazards, Digital HazMat, Vehicle ERGs and Firefighter Location. 

Evacuation Management Platform (EMP) 


Tracking Firefighter Events  from 3AM Innovations
Emerging Digital Concepts from NG CAD X EDC.
The future of Microsoft's technology and the fire service.

More from the Tech Council and Industry Leaders




The IAFC works with the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation to further the knowledge, skills, and resources to apply decision-support technology and data in enhancing preparedness and building a more resilient nation.

White Papers

Anthrax Vaccination
Information Paper on Anthrax Vaccination Technology (pdf), the Biothrax vaccine.

A SMART Model for Interoperable Communications (pdf), the Satellite Mutual Aid Radio Talkgroup Program (SMARTTM)

Crisis Decision Making
Information Paper on Crisis Decision Making Technology (pdf)

Fire Suppression
Next Generation Water Enhancer for Fire Protection and Suppression in Wildland and Structural Applications (pdf)

How to Participate

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Complete the IAFC Tech Council form to indicate your areas of expertise and interest as they relate to the work of the council. When an opportunity for involvement arises that matches your interest, we'll contact you.

If you're a vendor and are interested in learning more about the council, please email

Leadership & Contact

Chair: Dan Munsey

Co-Chair: Tim Burke

Staff Liaison: Jeff Dulin

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