In the responder community, there's no room for ongoing conflict and mistrust between organized labor and management. Such situations impact service delivery and morale and impede fire department successes. The Labor-Management Alliance (LMA) program is designed to be a proactive resource to avoid and eliminate these issues. The LMA is your resource to:

  • Help develop new relations or improve existing relationships within your department.
  • Avoid critical labor-management issues, disputes and costly arbitrations.

Why LMA?



We help you create guiding principles specific to your environment and department so everyone is working toward common goals.


Track Record

20 years of helping fire departments enhance positive, cooperative and enduring labor-management relationships.



Our team of facilitators are fire chiefs and union presidents who’ve gone through what you are and have successfully rebuilt and maintained labor-management relationships that work.



Our facilitators will guide you through sessions on a variety of leadership and relationship topics, training you and your members on successful relationships and coordination.

"The great thing about this program is that both the IAFF and the IAFC hold this program up as the model of how to be successful as a department. When it comes down to it, the goals for both sides are very compatible with the overall mission of fire departments."
-- Fire Chief William “Shorty” Bryson, Miami-Dade Fire Department, (Ret.)

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