IAFC President's Awards of Recognition

Each year at the general session of Fire-Rescue International (FRI), the IAFC president honors individuals from the fire service who have contributed in a significant way during the president's term. The IAFC salutes each of these individuals.

2020 - Recognized by IAFC President Gary Ludwig

  • Rob Brown, CEO/Executive Director, IAFC

  • John Butler, Fire Chief Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, Virginia 

  • Ted Van Horne, Chief Operating Officer, Global Medical Response

  • John Sinclair, Fire Chief Kittitas Valley Fire & Rescue, Washington, Past President IAFC 2016-2017

  • Steve Pegram, Fire Chief Goshen Township Fire & EMS, Indiana

  • Dave Becker, Fire Chief Castle Rock Fire Rescue, Colorado

  • Mike Metro, Retired Fire Chief Los Angeles County Fire Department, California

  • Kevin McGee, Chief Operations Officer, IAFC, Retired Fire Chief Prince William County, Virginia

  • Mike Ragone, Chief of Fire and Federal Services/American Medical Response

  • Richard Price, President, Pulsepoint Foundation

  • Dr. Jim Augustine, Medical Director, North Collier Fire Control & Rescue District, Florida

  • Mary Beth Michos, Retired Fire Chief Prince William County, Virginia

  • Ian Emmon, Deputy Chief of Operations, Washington Township Fire Department, Montgomery County, Ohio

2019 - Recognized by IAFC President Dan Eggleston

  • Chief Dennis Compton, Chairman, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, for Outstanding Leadership and Contributions.
  • Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell,  President and CEO, International Public Safety Data Institute, for Outstanding Contributions in Public Safety Data.
  • Mr. Evan Davis, IAFC Government Relations Strategic Manager, for Outstanding Professional Service.

2018 - Recognized by IAFC President Tom Jenkins

  • Ghassan Abulfaraj, Saudi Aramco Fire Protection Department Manager, for Outstanding International Contributions, IAFC International Fellowship Program (Presented April 11, International Fire Operations Conference, Manama, Bahrain)
  • Chief Tim Wall, VCOS Chair
  • Sue Swenson, First Responder Network Authority
  • Dr. Sara Jahnke, Center for Fire, Rescue and EMS Health Research
  • Tommy Hicks, IAFC Chief Strategy Officer and Deputy Executive Director

2017 - Recognized by IAFC President John Sinclair

  • Dr. Denis Onieal, U.S. Fire Administration , U.S. Fire Academy
  • Gregory Cade, National Fire Protection Agency, U.S. Fire Administration
  • Chief Luther Fincher, IAFC Board of Directors, Charlotte Fire Department
2016 - Recognized by IAFC President Rhoda Mae Kerr
  • Chief Ernie Mitchell, U.S. Fire Administrator
  • Mr. Ken LaSala, IAFC's director of government relations and policy

2015 - Recognized by IAFC President G. Keith Bryant

  • Mary Beth Michos, Fire Service Executive Development Institute
  • Motorola Solutions Foundation (Matt Blakely)
  • IAFC staff

2014 - Recognized by IAFC President Bill Metcalf

  • Steve Kerber, Dan Madrzykowski, Jason Averill, Bob Roper, Douglas "Mac" MacDonald

2013 - Recognized by IAFC President Hank Clemmensen

  • Luther Fincher, Michael Wieder, Energizer

2012 - Recognized by IAFC President Al Gillespie

  • Jeffrey D. Johnson

2011 - Recognized by IAFC President Jack Parow

  • Glenn A. Gaines

2010 - Recognized by IAFC President Jeff Johnson

  • Jeff Griffin, James M. Shannon, Kim Zagaris, Janet Wilmoth, Sprint

2009 - Recognized by IAFC President Larry Grorud

  • Jim L. Tidwell, Lori Moore-Merrell, Chuck Burkell

2008 - Recognized by IAFC President Steven P. Westermann

  • Tom Carr, Hal Bruno, Mike Freeman, Harlen McEwen, Pierce Manufacturing, John Stanhope Damrell (Posthumously)

2007 - Recognized by IAFC President Jim Harmes

  • Julian Taliaferro, R. David Paulison, Anthony J. (Tony) Jones, James Tester, Michael Wiemeri

2006 - Recognized by IAFC President Bill Killen

  • Charkes Dickinson, T. Kevin King, Stephen A. Dean, Michael L. Kuk, Jay Harry Tesh, James C. Robertson, Charlene Miller, Alan V. Brunacini, Kenneth E. Lauziere

2005 - Recognized by IAFC President Bob DiPoli

  • Sonny Scarff, Jim Burns, Mike Walker, Wayne Powell, Steve Coan, Saralyn Wagers, Billy Goldfeder

2004 - Recognized by President Ernie Mitchell

  • Charles Werner, Robert Ely (Posthumously), John Buckman, Warren McDaniels, Lynn Scarlett

2003 - Recognized by President Bruegman

  • R. David Paulison, James P. Reardon, Gary W. Smith, Thomas Kuntz, Jackie T. Gibbs, James M. Broman, Ronny J. Coleman, IAFC staff

2002 - Recognized by President John Buckman

  • M. Tracy Boatwright, Mike Byrne, Alan Caldwell, Brian Cowan, Gary Scott, Steve Austin

2001 - Recognized by President Brown

  • Michael Fagel, Harry Shaw, James Bowie, Elgin Browning, Edward Plaugher, James Gaston, Brian Johnson

2000 - Presented by President Luther Fincher

  • Dennis Smith, Don Oliver, Dan Jones, Bill Killen, Mike Bell, John Rukavina, Art Glatfelter

1999 - Recognized by President Smoky Dyer

  • Hal Bruno, Ernie Mitchell, Carl Holmes, Mary Beth Michos, Richard Lehmann, Gary Morris, Frank Deuble, Doug Aiken

1998 - Recognized by President Marinucci (First year of the President's Awards)

  • John Eversole, Mike Freeman, Gary Marrs, Mike Merwick, Rich Powell, Frank Brannigan
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