About FLSS

Section History

During FRI 2002, several members of the Fire Code Task Force undertook an effort to create a new IAFC section to focus on fire and life safety issues. The effort was successful and the section was formalized in early 2003 under the name Fire & Life Safety Section. The first section chair was Chief Jackie Gibbs of the Marietta (GA) Fire Department; Chief Wayne Senter of Kitsap County (WA) Fire Department was the first vice chair.

In 2004 the section board petitioned the IAFC board to gain a seat on the IAFC board of directors. The first international director was Chief Jackie Gibbs.

Section Governance

The FLSS board of directors is made up of:

  • Four officers
  • Six at-large members
  • Three specialty representative members

At-large members have three-year terms with two at-large members elected each year. No more than two at-large members may be elected from any single division of the IAFC.

Specialty representatives consist of one member from the education community, one member from the engineering community and one member from the public safety community. They are appointed for one-year terms by a majority vote of the FLSS board after the election at the annual business meeting. These members, who may be affiliate members, have a vote on matters before the FLSS board of directors.

The chair, vice chair, international director and secretary/treasurer serve as the board's executive committee.

The FLSS board of directors may appoint two ex-officio advisors, who offer specific expertise helpful to assist the board with their work. Ex-officio advisors have a voice but no vote on matters before the board and are appointed for one-year terms by a majority vote of the board after the annual business meeting. Section funding is not provided for ex-officio advisors unless extenuating circumstances permit it at the discretion of the executive committee.

The immediate past serving chair holds an ex-officio position as the immediate past chair. The immediate past chair doesn't have a vote on matters before the board. The immediate past chair serves in the position until the member is no longer the immediate past chair.

Download the Section Bylaws (pdf)

Standing Committee

Residential Range-Top Safety (2015)

Howard Hopper (Chair)
Greg Rogers (Co-chair)


Section Chair
Chief Michael O’Brian

IAFC Staff Liaison
Russ Chandler, Section Liaison