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COS Video Podcast Series

August 2023

COS Board Member Chief Demond Simmons sits down with Captain Kyle Jaffa to discuss leading with a passion.

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March 2023

COS Board Member Chief Demond Simmons sits down with Chief Brian Collins to discuss effective communication.

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Firefighter Mental Wellness

The Company Officers' Section has put together a new publication with articles, resources, and success stories of firefighter mental wellness. Download your copy today!

2021 Mental Health Publication

Cancer Prevention Workgroup

The Company Officers' Section has implemented a workgroup to put together monthly resources to aid in cancer prevention. Check out their resources below.

2020 Flyers, all PDFs


Professional Development Resources

Firefighter to Supervisory Fire Officer Transition Plan

This white paper, created by members of the COS Board, was released at FRI 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. This document provides guidelines and best practices for the individual who desires to promote to the position of company officer.
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Succession Management

Succession Management for the Fire-Rescue Service - Understanding and Applying the Process. Released in July 2017, this document provides guidance on how to create a succession plan for your department.
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Company Officer Webinars

April 2021 Company Officers Section & National Fire Academy

COS November 2020 Webcast Command and Command Algorithm for the First In Company Officer/IC

COS October 2020 Roundtable

Essential Strategies and Tools Needed for the Successful Fire Service Program Manager

Company Officer Podcast Series

The Benefits of Credentialing for the Company Officer (mp3) - Chief Reggie Freeman (Lockheed Martin Aeronautics FD - Fort Worth, Tx.) discusses how credentialing will help ensure that the 21st century company officer has the requisite skill set to successfully lead at both the company and organizational levels.

The Role of the Company Officer in Creating a Culture of Safety (mp3) - With a career that spans 45 years, Dr. Burt Clark (Mount Airy, Md.) shares his thoughts on the concepts of culture, safety and being proactive in the area of community risk reduction.

Effective Political Engagement Mindset and Tips for Company Officers (mp3)

Cancer in the Fire Service (mp3)

Articles by IAFC Company Officer Members


Excellent Firefighters: We're Not Promoting Through Testing Difficulties - by Captain D. Brady Rogers

Company Officer Leadership: Labor-Management Relations - Building Our Teams - by Captain Rob Frampton


Moving Forward in 2017 - by Captain Demond Simmons

All-Hazards on the Street - by Lieutenant Patrick Mahoney

Innovation in Officer-Development Training - by Lieutenant Marc Davidson

The Company Officer's Role in Obtaining Funding - by Captain Mike Jaffa


Big Data and Medical Hotspotting to Enhance Community Health and Prosperity - by Captain Demond Simmons

All-Hazards Planning: Team Approach - by Battalion Chief Jonathan Messick

Advantages of Diversity and Inclusiveness - by Captain Mary Emge


Company Officers in 2015 and Beyond - by Lieutenant Randy Hanifen

The Fire Prevention Week Revival - by Captain Mary Emge

Any Call Any Time - by Captain Joe Bradley

Regional Collaboration (pdf) - by Lieutenant Randall Hanifen

Principles of Effective Organizational Structures - by Lieutenant Chris Divver

Building Equity at the Kitchen Table - by Lieutenant Chris Divver

Relevant to the Community - by Captain Mike Jaffa

Avoiding Complacency in Your Leadership Role - by Captain Jonathan Messick

Saving Firefighters from Themselves - by Captain Demond Simmons

Additional Resources

Company Officer Leadership Symposium (COLS) - an intense, 3-day program providing company officers with valuable skills and knowledge required to stay ahead and grow as a leader. Graduating from the program demonstrates exceptional professional growth for promotional assessments.

IAFC Officer Development Handbook - a resource for present and future leaders, this handbook has over 60 pages of valuable information and recommendations for career advancement with an emphasis on leadership competencies through all four levels of officer development. 

Company Officer Coaching & Mentoring Program - Choose a chief officer or company officer as a mentor and start learning from an expert who wants to share and help you grow.

KnowledgeNet discussion forums - IAFC's members-only, peer-to-peer online community. Join a discussion, look up a resource or post on a blog.

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