• August 18, 2021
    This February, the Wildfire Mitigation Awards (WMAs) selection committee chose three individuals to receive recognition for their sustained dedication to wildfire mitigation and preparedness initiatives. The 2021 WMA winners are leaders who have shown how innovation and collaboration can secure lasting results for communities of all sizes and demographics. read more
  • December 19, 2018
    California and the nation are still reeling from Butte County’s Camp Fire: 86 people killed; 12 civilians and 5 firefighters injured; 18,804 structures incinerated; billions of dollars in damage. So, what can be done? read more
  • July 17, 2017
    The key to a successful and sustainable drone program is to have a supporting infrastructure in place before that first flight. read more
  • May 16, 2017
    For years, departments have struggled with events that require EMS providers to provide care across state lines. Public safety doesn’t stop at the state line, so why should the ability of personnel providing this service stop here? read more
  • October 9, 2015
    Fairfax, Va. – Testifying before a House Agriculture Committee panel, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) this week reaffirmed its strong support of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy and urged the administration and Congress to address the increasing ... read more
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