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Each year, the best of the fire service presents at the EFOP Graduate Symposium. We've created a site to showcase those presentations. Use them to help educate others!

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2018 Manno Award WInners
2017 Don Manno Award Winners

2018 Winners

Presented 2019

(L to R) Executive Development - Deputy Chief Peter J. Pilafas, Executive Analysis of Community Risk Reduction - Battalion Chief Adam D. Howard, Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations in Emergency Management - Assistant Chief Richard B. Llewellyn, and  (not pictured) Executive Leadership - Lieutenant John M. Kolarik.


2017 Winners

Presented 2018

(L to R) Assistant Chief Thomas Payne Middleton, Jr., Captain Mathew W. Samson, Chief Jayme Kahle, and Chief Cory Schmidt

2016 Don Manno Award for Applied Research Project Winners Christopher Bower, Brad Hardin, Gary Baum, Alan Long

2016 Winners

Presented 2017

(L to R) Christopher Bower, Brad Hardin, Gary Baum, and Alan Long


2015 Winners

Presented 2016

(L to R) Battalion Chief Joshua Goyet, Battalion Chief Ronald Powers, and Fire Chief Andrew Baxter. Not shown: Assistant Fire Chief Michael Patterson.

2014 Outstanding Applied Research Winners

2014 Winners

(L-R) Douglas Bloomquist, David C. Billings, Lauren A. Johnson, Christopher R. Addington


2013 Outstanding Applied Research Winners

2013 Winners

Presented Sept. 2014
(L-R) EFO Section Chair Pat Kelly, Deputy Chief Michael Allora, Fire Marshal Victor B. Williams, Division Chief Michael "Allen" Walls, Captain Frank W. Soto, Jr., EMS Division Chief Stuart E. Mills, and National Fire Academy Superintendent Dr. Denis Onieal. Not pictured: Battalion Chief Lauren Johnson.

2012 Outstanding Research Winners

2012 Winners

Presented Sept. 2013
(L-R) BC Steven Brooker, BC Lauren Johnson, Administrator Scott Somers, ACF Michael Dell'Orfano. Not pictured: David Cohen, Christopher Watson

25th Anniversary Applied Research Legacy Winners

25th Anniversary Applied Research Legacy Winners

Presented Sept. 2013
(L-R) FC Cecil "Buddy" Martinette Jr., DC Bernard Williams, Captain Brian Ashton, Kenneth Wood

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