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Safety, Health & Survival Section

Safety, Health and Survival Section

Mission is to support and provide leadership for the advancement of occupational safety and health within the fire service and in the greater emergency response community. History should long remember that it was us in this time that did everything in our power to help bring our brother and sister firefighters home from every alarm.


Safety, Health & Survival Section

The SHSS board includes five executive officers (section chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, international director) who serve two-year terms, plus nine at-large directors who serve three-year terms. The international director is chosen by the sitting executive officers, all other board members are elected by active and life section members.

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January 21


Safety, Health & Survival Section
Help SHS with Staging

SHS Staging is an initiative to pre-register fire service safety leaders who have agreed to help the Section respond to a variety of needs for the IAFC and SHS. The SHS Staging registration list is our effort to make sure that we keep our list of safety-minded professionals current so that the SHS Board can quickly identify and fill needs for specific projects as they occur throughout the year. Members from the staging list help by representing the Section and/or IAFC at various meetings, acting as SME's for particular projects, staffing events, etc.

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