Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP)

The Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) is an initiative of the USFA/NFA that provides senior officers/others in key leadership roles with:

  • An understanding of the:
    • Need to transform fire and emergency services organizations from being reactive to proactive and to reflect the diversity of America's communities.
    • Value of research and its application to the profession.
    • Value of lifelong learning.
  • Enhanced executive-level knowledge, skills and abilities necessary accomplish the above.

Officers enhance their professional development through a unique series of four graduate and upper-division-baccalaureate equivalent courses and completion an Applied Research Project (ARP) that relates to their organization after each course. The EFOP spans a four-year period with four core courses. Each course is two weeks long.

Get complete details on the Executive Fire Officer Program on the USFA/NFA webpage:

  • Selection Criteria
  • How to Apply
  • Curriculum
  • Graduate Symposium
  • Applied Research Projects
  • EFOP Help Line
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