IAFC Strategic Direction

"The status of the IAFC has been built upon the leadership and expertise of the organization’s members, and working diligently behind the scenes has been the organization’s staff. Together they are responsible for the success of the IAFC."

- IAFC Commemorative History, 2000

IAFC Strategic Direction

Download the 2015-2017 IAFC Strategic Direction (pdf)

This strategic direction document reaffirms the IAFC's priority strategic goals to Lead, Educate and Serve. It was created in January, February and March of 2015 with input and feedback from almost 100 members in leadership positions of the IAFC’s major component groups and almost 600 IAFC regular members. The 2015-17 Strategic Direction aligns the association's goals and strategies and serves as the foundation for the development of ongoing action items that will formulate the work program for IAFC leadership, members and staff.

What's Happening at the IAFC

The IAFC strategic direction is fulfilled by the identifying and completing ongoing action items. The report, What's Happening at the IAFC, captures completed tasks directly relevant to the IAFC Strategic Direction document. It's intended to capture the depth of the IAFC's overarching accomplishments at a high level.

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