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FRI 2019 Highlights: VCOS Interview

The Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS) of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), in partnership with the Executive Fire Officers (EFO) Section of the IAFC, to provide guidance for a new or interim chief’s first 100 days. This new report lays out the key things a new or interim chief needs to know and be thinking about on the first day, during the first week, during the first month, and during months two through six. It also provides advice and warnings for a new or interim chief to help them avoid common mistakes.

At Fire-Rescue International Atlanta (FRI 2019) Chief Charles Flynn and Chief Al Yancey, Jr., talked to IAFC TV about this new guidance, “You’re the New Chief; Now What?”, the variety of helpful educational sessions and offerings that are organized by VCOS, and how VCOS is marking its 25th anniversary.  


VCOS and EFO strongly encourage you to download and add this crucial guidance to your toolkit and the toolkits of the future leaders of your organization.

Also check out our iCHIEFS podcast "The 100 Day Plan: Succeeding as a new Fire Chief" and learn about additional tools for new chiefs in their first 100 days. Listen to the podcast.


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