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IAFC Secures Amazon Business as a Strategic Supplier for PPE

IAFC President Gary Ludwig and the Board of Directors are excited to announce that the IAFC has teamed with Amazon Business as a strategic supplier for members to access and purchase vital PPE supplies needed for COVID-19 response.
Amazon has consolidated all critical and essential PPE and COVID-19 supplies into the Amazon COVID-19 Hub. Access is restricted to first responders, hospital and healthcare workers. On behalf of our members, the IAFC has arranged for members to access the IAFC Amazon Business account, which allows you to shop for specific COVID-19 response supplies that fire and EMS departments need. The supplies will be shipped directly to your location. Note that through this portal, you must pay for these supplies directly through Amazon. The IAFC is not processing payments, collecting money or making any profit from this service.
This collaboration between the IAFC and Amazon Business allows IAFC members to take advantage of the buying power of a single agency, and the value of exclusive access to the specific products assigned to the Amazon Business COVID-19 Hub. While many items remain in short supply, Amazon is doing everything possible to positively influence inventory levels. This includes limiting access to supplies by creating the Amazon COVID-19 Hub that restricts access to only those on the frontline response to the pandemic.
What is Amazon Business?
Amazon Business is a marketplace that offers access to hundreds of millions of products in a shopping experience tailored for businesses and emergency services. Many products on Amazon Business are offered at a lower price point than Amazon.com. Amazon has established this opportunity to ensure that those on the frontlines get priority access to supplies with the pledge that Amazon will not make a profit on this service.
How Does It Work?
The IAFC Amazon Business account allows you to take advantage of Amazon's extensive product selection and competitive prices offered to businesses, including access to COVID-19 supplies. Shopping on Amazon Business is as user-friendly as Amazon.com:
•    Access to Amazon COVID-19 Hub
•    Access to millions of additional products, available only to Amazon Business customers
•    Free standard shipping on all Prime orders
•    Tax-exempt purchasing (varies by state) on items sold by Amazon.com LLC and participating third-party sellers

How Do I Register?
IAFC members will soon receive an email invitation from Amazon Business to set up your Amazon Business account. Promptly follow the welcome email instructions to complete the registration process. Once registered, you can immediately start shopping for your needed supplies. You will need to use a personal or agency credit card to purchase the supplies.
If you are having an issue logging in, please see our Amazon Business FAQ Library. Additional questions may be sent to the IAFC or the IAFC's Amazon Business representative.

The email sent to you from Amazon Business to activate your account reads as follows:

Subject: ACTION REQUIRED: Activate your International Association of Fire Chiefs Amazon Business account

Welcome to Amazon Business! International Association of Fire Chiefs has selected Amazon Business as an approved supplier for purchasing.

Jeff Dulin (Prime@iafc.org), your Amazon Business administrator, has invited you to join the account - click to activate now.

Get Started
[This is the button link to click & register]

Enjoy Amazon Business!


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