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FEMA Releases 9 Search & Rescue Resource Typing Documents

FEMA’s National Integration Center has published two Search and Rescue Resource Typing Definitions and seven Job Titles/Position Qualifications documents. These resource typing documents will facilitate the sharing of deployable resource types at all jurisdictional levels.

The positions include 9 Search and Rescue resource typing documents, including:

  • Swiftwater Flood SAR Team
  • Swiftwater Flood SAR Team Leader
  • Swiftwater Flood SAR Technician – Boat Operator
  • Swiftwater Flood SAR Technician – Boat Bowmen
  • Swiftwater Flood SAR Technician
  • Stillwater Flood SAR Team
  • Stillwater Flood SAR Team Leader
  • Stillwater Flood SAR Technician
  • Boat Operator (Search and Rescue)

View document at FEMA’s website.

Resource typing is a key component of NIMS and enables organizations from across the country to work together during incidents of all types and sizes. Implementing NIMS resource management principles across the nation is a fundamental part of building our national preparedness.

NIMS Resource Typing Definitions establish measurable standards of resource capabilities and performance levels of teams and equipment.

NIMS Job Titles/Position Qualifications establish minimum qualifications and capabilities for personnel and their equipment within their assigned teams to manage all threats and hazards, regardless of incident type or size.

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