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IDEX SAM Control System: Transforming Traditional Pump Operations

Many fire departments, regardless of size or shape, share at least several of these challenges:

  • We don’t always have enough people responding to calls
  • It’s getting harder to train the new recruits to be pump operators
  • Our pump operators have a hard time getting experience due to lack of working fires
  • My pump operator has made mistakes that delayed or interrupted water flow
  • Radio traffic prevented the pump operator from hearing calls for water
  • We’ve had low hydrant pressure and lost water to the crew
  • We’ve experienced hot hydrants with over-pressurized handlines fatiguing our crew

How SAM can alleviate those challenges:
By controlling intake, discharge and tank valves as well as engine speed, SAM manages water supply to the crew while the operator focuses on the fireground and crew support.

SAM allows the operator to control the truck from either side, which lets the operator stay in better visual contact with the crew and the fireground.

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