Gender to Gender in F/R: Where's the Line? Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

59 minutes Sexual Harassment ESCI event

The IAFC and ESCI [], the consulting arm of the IAFC, presented the third in a series of webinars exploring how fire service leaders can best address personnel-management challenges in fire departments today. Hosted by Cassi L. Fields, PhD., vice president of ESCI Human Capital Division, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, discussed victims, bystanders and leadership's role in creating an environment free of harassment. The presenter collaborated on common on-the-job occurrences and how to best handle them.

Randy Langsam, CEO, RSL Employee Compliance

Participants learned to:

  • Identify F/R situations where sexual harassment may occur
  • Identify how victims and bystanders should react 
  • Identify how to create an environment that inhibits and prohibits sexual harassment

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