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Safety, Health and Survival Virtual Training Day

  • September 25, 2020 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Online

The Safety, Health and Survival Section is hosting a free Virtual Training Day, via WebEx.

The training is scheduled to run from 9 AM ET to 3:15 PM ET. Participants can join for the entire day or for only the topics they are most interested in.

Join a group of talented speakers and celebrate the 2020 SHS Section Award winners. Thank you to the Fire Department Safety Officers Association, MSA North America, Provident Insurance, and VFIS for supporting the section award programs.

Special thank you to WHP Training Towers for being the premiere sponsor of this event!

9 AM Opening, Introduction, and WHP Training Towers Highlight
9:05 AM A Company Officer’s Role in Department Health, Safety, and Wellness – Deputy Chief Ian Emmons (Washington Township, OH)
9:43 AM Provident Sponsor Highlight and Alan Brunacini Fire Service Executive Safety Award Recognition
9:50 AM Surviving the Fire Service – Cardiac, Cancer, and Behavioral Wellness and the Role of Early Detection – Assistant Chief Todd LeDuc, Ret. (Broward County, FL)
10:27 AM VFIS Sponsor Highlight and Billy Goldfeder Fire Service Organizational Safety Award Recognition
10:32 AM Sleep and Behavioral Health – Dr. Sarah Jahnke
11:15 AM Short Break
12:00 PM Reducing Occupational Exposure to fireground contamination - Implementation of Best Practices in the FDNY and Beyond – Deputy Assistant Chief Frank Leeb (Fire Department of New York, NY)
12:45 PM FDSOA Sponsor Highlight, MSA North America Sponsor Highlight and Chief Sandy Davis Safety Officer of the Year Award Recognition
12:54 PM Bullying & Workplace Violence Prevention – Chief David Emanuel (Durham, NH) and Alisa Arnoff
2:35 PM Work-life Balance – Dr. Donnie Hutchinson
3:10 PM Closing and preview of our Coffee with the SHS segment, beginning in October

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