Those Who Lead: When Opportunity Knocks

I recently received a group email from my department’s safety supervisor (whom my boss, the fire chief, reports to). He talks about an interesting session at a conference he attended about what makes a great safety professional. He spoke of the characteristics listed by participants and how that list could be expanded to any professional.

The supervisor asked members of our department do homework, listing the top 10 characteristics of a “great (safety) professional” to bring to the morning staff meeting to compare.

I not only felt compelled to complete this homework, but also expanded it for an outside-the-box perspective. I wanted to share my passion on what it takes to be a true leader and not just list words describing what a professional is. I wanted to share my beliefs on what it takes to be a true leader.

What qualifies someone to be in a position of leadership? It isn’t about a college degree you earned or what your title, rank or position is in your organization. Those are tangibles components.

It’s having the intangibles that separate those who lead. Those intangibles of passion, desire, heart and conviction can’t be measured; they set you apart. One who leads not only has the ability to cultivate and build relationships but also has the ability to forge relationships that can’t be broken through adversity.

Leaders strive not to be a success, but to be of value. They add value to the lives of others by taking a vested, genuine interest in them. They aren’t checklist leaders who lack the intangible; they have the ability to transform vision into reality.

There are always going to be barriers; a leader knows how to handle them in the face of adversity and make midcourse corrections to ensure goals are achieved. How does this work out?

Recognize an opportunity where others see a failure. Capitalize on any and every opportunity to inspire and motivate others.

People will buy into you as a good leader before they’ll buy into a vision. Empower and influence others to buy into you and your vision.

Show them you can take them where they never thought they could go. Make a difference and instill trust. Be the catalyst that’s the driving force that exceeds the performance envelope that others never knew they had.

Always stay committed to personal and professional development. Never stop learning, applying and sharing knowledge. Knowledge is power and means nothing if it isn’t shared where others can achieve success.

Be a trailblazer. Pave the way for others and remember that what separates real leaders from those who just want to lead are the immeasurable intangibles that lie within them and come from the heart.

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