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Changes in Federal Wildland Fire Protection Program Impact Local Fire Departments

Fairfax, Va. – Earlier this year, through an agreement between the General Service Administration (GSA) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the Wildland Fire Protection Program (WFPP) was transferred to DLA's control in May 2014.

The WFPP provides access to local and state governments to purchase wildland-fire supplies and equipment like hoses, PPE and pumps at federal government pricing.

As part of the change, DLA and GSA developed and implemented a temporary solution for local customer orders using the existing GSA infrastructure and authorizations to access and order. This temporary solution was implemented due to the critical nature of the firefighting equipment for the forecasted 2014 western fire season and because there wasn't sufficient time for these customers to obtain necessary credentials and training to place orders directly through DLA.

Effective Jan. 1, 2015, this temporary solution will be discontinued and all equipment orders must be placed directly with DLA. GSA will not accept any WFPP orders after Dec. 31, 2014.
DLA is using a phased approach of enrolling state and local agencies into the program to ensure they capture and create a program tailored to the needs of both the state and local customer base. Currently, DLA has contacts in all 50 states and is working to have agreements in place to allow state agencies to purchase from the program.

Regardless of whether you are state or local, DLA is committed to filling all your requirements.
For those local customers who have placed orders through state representatives, the process remains the same. We encourage you continue using that process.

For local customers who previously placed orders through GSA, you'll now place orders through DLA using DOD EMALL. DLA will provide detailed instructions on how to place these orders as they continue to create a long-term solution. Contact Tracy Shepherd for more information.

If you've never placed a WFPP order, but want to get more information about the program, email Lexie Coulson.

The IAFC and the Wildland Fire Policy Committee recognize that these aren't optimum solutions and we continue to work to ensure that access to this important program proceeds in a way that works for local fire agencies.
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