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How are you currently using data in your agency?

 NFPA was recently awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant to develop a national fire data system (NFDS) that meets the priority needs of the U.S. fire service for quality local and national data for both operational and community risk reduction decision making.  

The focus is on helping local agencies in the collection, management and utilization of their data to make decisions where they count most—right in your community.  To do that, NFPA needs your help. They want to know more about how you are currently using data in your agency.  What tools and software are you already using to collect and understand your data? And what data, software or tools would help you better manage your agency, support budget requests, and demonstrate the services you provide to your community?  In short, what do you need to help tell your story through data?  NFPA values your opinions and insights as we work to make sure data systems work for you and your community. 

Please complete the survey by: Friday, January 20, 2017

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