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IAFC Urges Full-Year Fiscal 2015 Funding of FEMA

Fairfax, Va. – The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) today issued the following statement:  

“The IAFC is urging Congress to pass a full-year fiscal year 2015 DHS appropriations bill. If that is not possible before Friday, February 27, then we strongly urge Congress to fund FEMA throughout the end of fiscal year 2015 separate from any short-term measure for DHS.

“Fire chiefs are concerned that anything less than full-year funding for FEMA will jeopardize a number of federal operational and grant programs that emergency responders rely on to protect life and property.

“Short-term funding creates uncertainties and delays in the FEMA’s ability to perform its function. It needlessly delays grant application periods for fire departments and forces strategic initiatives to be postponed.

“Because FEMA is such a mission-critical agency with a role to assist the local fire and emergency service during national disasters, we strongly urge Congress to ensure that FEMA is fully funded for fiscal 2015.”

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