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Integrated Reporting Tool Launched at FRI 2016

The IAFC launched Insight 360, a new cloud-based event-reporting and analysis tool at Fire-Rescue International in San Antonio. Insight 360 will provide a new standard in the way departments are capturing, analyzing and learning from their incidents. The goal is to allow departments access to internal and nationally collected data to support their needs for operational changes and necessary training.

The IAFC's National Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System (Near Miss) has provided an outlet for firefighters to share their lessons learned from near miss events for the benefit of all firefighters. Near Miss, now in its 10th year of operations, is a repository of over 5,000 stories of firefighters and was due for a system evolution.

After much analysis, we realized that other events were occurring that were essential to share among the fire service community. Insight 360 captures not only near misses, but also firefighter injuries and property damage, all on one platform. By collecting injury and property damage reports along with near-miss events, the fire service will be able to understand the data on how firefighters are getting hurt, damaging property or having near misses across the United States and in various situations.

The data collected will help inform the national safety agenda and the development of training and educational materials for all first responders. The new system’s value will be enhanced by collecting more data points in the report. Insight 360 will chart data, show trends and provide predictive analysis. It will rely on the use of geographical information systems to help plot not only locations of incidents, but also the time and pertinent information surrounding an event, such as time of day, day of the week and weather.

“The goal of the IAFC is to build a stronger more detailed system that will use more data analysis to help chiefs gain insight into foundational problems, successes and trends within their department,” said Chief John D. Sinclair, IAFC president and chairman of the board.

If you'd like to learn more or set-up a demonstration of Insight360, contact Insight360@iafc.org.

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