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Regional Wildland-Fire Management Action Plans Available

As work within the National Cohesive Wildland-Fire Management Strategy continues, three regions—Northeast, Southeast, and West—have finalized their regional action plans. The plans were submitted to the Wildland Fire Executive Council (WFEC), a national-level advisory group. developed in support of the federal interagency work on wildland fire.

The three plans detail the actions and activities related to the core areas of resilient landscapes, fire adapted communities and wildland fire response, to be executed over the next five years specific to each region's local needs. Also included are activity-tracking metrics, including scope, timeframes, responsibilities and roles throughout the wildland-fire community.

“As our nation’s fire departments have experienced first-hand, wildland-fire management is complex and challenging. With diverse and changing landscapes, demographics and social values, the fire service seeks ways to enhance collaboration with stakeholders and identify strategies for the future of wildland-fire management,” said Chief Hank Clemmensen, IAFC president and chairman of the board. “The collaborative input on the regional action plans from all levels of government and nongovernmental organizations, as well as from the public, is unifying efforts for the fire service to better be equipped to respond to wildland fire.”

To view the action plans, visit the Cohesive Strategy website. The regional risk analysis reports, finalized in December 2012, are also available from this website.

The Cohesive Strategy was developed from the requirements of the Federal Land Assistance, Management and Enhancement (FLAME) Act of 2009. The Wildland Fire Leadership Council (WFLC), an intergovernmental committee to support the implementation and coordination of Federal Fire Management Policy, has directed the collaborative process to seek national, all-lands solutions to wildland-fire management issues.

For more information about the National Cohesive Wildland-Fire Management Strategy and the regional action plans, visit the Cohesive Strategy website.

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