Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program


Explore a Metal Mine that Reports to the TRI Program

This graphic, developed from the mining industry, shows an example (fictional) metal mining facility that reports to the Toxic Release Inventory Program. Text in the numbered pop-up boxes describes how and where TRI-listed chemicals are used, managed, and released into the environment.

EPA developed this graphic to provide users of TRI data with a better understanding of mining operations and related TRI-reportable chemical releases. The metal mining sector handles large volumes of material and each year, this sector reports the largest total quantity of releases of TRI-covered chemicals (mostly in the form of waste rock) of any industry sector covered by the TRI Program. Consequently, this sector greatly influences the TRI data viewed by the public, driving several important national and local trends. For these reasons, EPA is explaining the metal mining sector’s TRI data in more detail. In the future, EPA may profile other important TRI industry sectors.

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