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Once you decide that you want the LMA program to come to your community, the staff will work with you to start the process. This includes a short application and acknowledgement of the process, then LMA Facilitators are assigned. One IAFC facilitator and one IAFF facilitator co-lead each LMA delivery and they will work with the fire chief and union president to determine what delivery is best for your environment and community (LMA training or technical assistance, see details below).

  • LMA Training
    • LMA Orientation
    • LMA Educational Program
  • Technical Assistance:
    • Consultation
    • Facilitation
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Custom Training
      • Leadership Skills and Relationship Building
      • Change Management and Decision-Making
      • Organizational Dynamics
    • Reconciliation
    • Needs Assessment
  • LMA Resources

LMA Benefits

  • Improve interpersonal communications between labor and management.
  • Increase the involvement and cooperation from all members of the organization.
  • Create unity and focus around the goals that will benefit your organization and its members.
  • Learn how to proactively minimize the number of grievances and other adverse actions that affect labor-management relationships and members.
  • Discover new ways to work through and past labor-management obstacles to accomplish more for the fire department and the community.

Guiding Principles

"You would be hard pressed to find a truly outstanding organization, regardless of the profession, that does not enjoy good labor-management relations. The fire service is no different. With the challenges facing the fire service today it is absolutely essential that labor and management cooperate. This program is a great way to improve working relationships."
-- Fire Chief Richard Marinucci, (Ret.)

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