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Alternative fuel vehicle safety training for the fire service

NFPA offers online safety training to the U.S. fire service on incidents involving alternative fuel vehicles including electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, bio-diesel and gaseous fuels such as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), LPG (Liquid Propane Gas), and their recharging/refueling stations. The online training can be started and stopped at any time and features videos, animations, simulations, review questions, and scenarios. Highly engaging 3D interactive vehicle models that reinforce concepts are continuously refreshed with the latest technology and fire tactics.

Topics addressed include:

  • introduction to hybrid, electric, fuel cell, & gaseous fuel vehicles
  • basic electrical concepts
  • vehicle systems & charging/refueling infrastructure
  • initial response procedures
  • identification methods, immobilization, disabling, emergency operations
  • unanticipated vehicle movement, electric shock hazards
  • toxic and flammable gas build-up & electrolyte skin contact
  • extrication, vehicle and battery fires, submersion
  • high voltage battery damage, battery re-ignition
  • incidents involving charging stations & refueling stations
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    • Lithium Battery
    • Fire Prevention
    • Hazmat
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