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Emergency Operations Center (EOC) References and Resources Tool

The EOC References and Resources tool provides EOC leaders and staff with a set of best practices, checklists, references, links, and essential guidance related to EOC operations and administration. An EOC is a physical or virtual location from which leaders of a jurisdiction or organization coordinate information and resources to support incident management activities (on-scene operations). This reference guide provides essential tips, considerations, and resources in establishing and operating physical and virtual EOCs. An EOC:

  • Is a coordination structure to collect, analyze, and share information
  • Supports resource needs and requests, including allocation and
  • Coordinates plans and determines current and future needs
    Provides coordination and policy direction
  • Topics:
    • Project: NFIRS
    • Featured Tools & Topics
    • Operations
    • Large-Scale Response
    • Featured Large Scale Response
  • Resource Type:
    • Strategy development tool
  • Organizational Author:

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