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Evacuee Support Concept of Operations Template

This template is designed to assist States and local jurisdictions in creating an Evacuee Support Concept of Operations that is scalable and sustainable to supplement the State Emergency Operations Plan. Its content and design provide a foundation that can be expanded upon using the Evacuee Support Planning Guide, other Federal guidance, and the wealth of information and expertise available in the emergency management community, to create an effective, hands-on State and/or local operational tool. This document is designed to be used by States and/or jurisdictions as a ready-made base template; however, no State or jurisdiction is the same. Recognizing that each has its own requirements, this template provides generic text that States or jurisdictions can make distinctive to their own needs and communities by adding to and/or replacing the generic text with specific details. Alternatively, States or jurisdictions may elect to copy some of the text from specific sections for use in other documents.

  • Topics:
    • Large-Scale Response
    • Natural Disasters
    • Mutual Aid
  • Resource Type:
    • Public education material
    • Strategy development tool
    • Guide/ toolkit/ template
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    • External

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